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  • "As a greenhouse owner and fabricator invested in our agriculture sector, I understand the gravity of this upcoming nomination decision. That is why I am endorsing Toyin Crandell to become the Conservative Candidate for Chatham-Kent-Leamington. Toyin is a grandchild of farmers and believes there is an urgent need for the government to listen to those of us who are in the field. Toyin’s tireless drive and tenacity combined with her friendliness and warmth are the qualities our riding needs to help place Justin Trudeau where he belongs, on the Opposition Bench so that business owners in the AG sector can continue to grow. I am convinced Toyin is the only candidate with a comprehensive platform and time-tested principles to make sure our riding is heard all the way to Ottawa. Please join me in voting for Toyin Crandell."

    Pete Quiring President and CEO - Nature Fresh Farms Inc. South Essex Fabricating Inc.
  • "In a time when a majority of media outlets are not sharing our positive conservative message, Toyin knows how to campaign and get the values we believe in heard by our community and how to energize voters to take action. On a personal level, she is a mother, wife, and a friend that you can rely on. She is a woman of faith, an ordained minister and has been a worship leader for over a decade. She currently worships with us at Life Bridge Family Church in Thamesville. We need more people like Toyin in the House of Commons -- smart, dedicated, freedom-loving people who are in politics for the right reasons"

    Dr. Don and Karen Aerssen Doctor of Chiropractic and Business Owner
  • “Toyin values life and the family, and is a strong defender of our freedom of thought, our freedom of belief, and our freedom of speech.”

    Pierre Lemieux former MP and Conservative Leadership candidate
  • "As a high school student I can confidently say that Toyin has a strong voice that resonates with young people. She will attract the youth vote that has been swayed in other directions, particularly in the last election. After working with Toyin on her nomination for months, I am truly astounded by her genuine care for others, her knowledge on relevant and current issues, the moral fabric she lives by and desires to see in our nation. I am inspired by her commitment to making Canada better and am proud to throw my support behind Toyin, not only as a youth vote at the coming nomination meeting but as an active volunteer!”

    Emma Kathleen Chatham Kent resident and CKSS student
  • "I will be attending the nomination meeting this next weekend and have made my choice. I have found Toyin Crandell approachable, energetic, knowledgeable, with a ton of "Common Sense". Something sadly missing from politics."

    Randy Parent Chatham-Kent OPP Officer


Toyin Crandell is a business owner, finance management coach and public speaker as well as the National Director of Training with the MY Canada Association. There she has helped to inform tens of thousands of normal Canadians in federal policy and how it affects our everyday life and then mobilize them to get their voices heard on some of the biggest issues in our country. She has worked on multiple important Conservative policies and bills over the last 9 years.

Locally, she is an Ambassador Cabinet Member of the United Way of Chatham-Kent, a member of the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce and has met and spoken to over 850 members of our community about their federal and local concerns.

In 2017, she was selected as one of 250 national emerging leaders to participate in the 2017 Governor General Canadian Leadership Conference where she assessed the corporate and small business, aquatic, not-for-profit, education and public sectors within Nova Scotia for 3 weeks and gave a report to the Governor General, Hon. David Johnston on how to build that province.

She is the Conservative Candidate of Record in her previous community Etobicoke North, a community leader with achievements such as the Rotary Individual Service Award by the Rotary Club. With a Bachelor of Science from York University, Toyin is married to Joshua Crandell and has a two-year-old daughter, Maranatha.

  • “Toyin has deep roots in serving others and building communities, she understands the issues facing us locally and is a person of character and principle. She appeals to a broad audience and has strong grassroots support. She knows what must be done to earn and maintain public trust. This is why I’m supporting Toyin Crandell. She has built a team that can win in 2019 so she can bring a strong voice from Chatham-Kent-Leamington to Parliament and vice versa.”

    Rudy Toews lifelong Conservative supporter and Chatham-Kent-Leamington resident
  • “Toyin’s experience in business, policy, and managing successful election campaigns has equipped her with the tools to make a strong impact in Parliament. She has the energy to be effective and get things done as an MP. I am confident she will be a strong voice for Chatham-Kent-Leamington.”

    MP Rosemarie Falk Member of Parliament for Battlefords-Lloydminster
  • “When I introduced my Motion 408, asking Parliament to take a stance against Sex Selection, and Bill C-268, the Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act, Toyin effectively lead efforts to support my motion and bill by engaging a large network of Canadians. She volunteered her own time to work on issues without recognition or any personal gain to move Canada forward, to make it better for future generations.”

    MP Mark Warawa Member of Parliament for Langley-Aldergrove
  • "Toyin is by far the most experienced candidate when it comes to working on Federal policy in Ottawa’s Parliament. She has worked with many Members of Parliament on Conservative policies and has in turn advocated and fought hard to see some of them passed. Having worked with sitting MPs on policies and being the National Director of Training with the My Canada Association, she already has established relationships with Conservative colleagues that will help her to fight for Chatham-Kent-Leamington and our nation’s best interests. No other candidate in our riding has this type of experience. I have gotten to know Toyin very well helping out with her campaign and I can truly guarantee that we cannot find someone who will work harder for our riding."

    Joe Durocher Long-term Leamington Resident
  • "I met with Toyin and I was blown away by her experience, her network, her passion, her commitment to Chatham-Kent, her youth, her spirit and so much more. As a long-time member of the Conservative Party in the riding of Chatham-Kent-Leamington and a former municipal councillor in Chatham-Kent, she has my endorsement and my vote as first choice for the nomination."

    Art Stirling Former Chatham-Kent City Councillor
  • "Toyin Crandell is one of the most remarkable women I know. She is an incredible leader - smart, capable, compassionate, and of great character. The Chatham-Kent-Leamington riding is very fortunate to have her as a candidate."

    Dr. Laura Lewis Executive Director, Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS)
  • "I will vote for Toyin Crandell on November 2nd, to represent me as the Conservative Candidate for Chatham Kent/Leamington. We need someone who is compassionate and on fire for our Community. Who understands small business, families, and is passionate about our rights and protecting our freedoms. She will be a strong voice for Canadians and we need that today more than ever!"

    Cheryl Faubert Decades long Chatham and Rondeau Resident
  • "Voting is fast approaching us. Toyin Crandell is truly an amazing person. Like many Canadians, she knows what it’s like to have to make ends meet as she has been a painter and fellow business owner for years. She has heart for Canada and for the Conservative Party, to do right by all Canadians. Please choose her as your first choice at the vote."

    Loretta Stone Business owner, Lifelong Chatham-Kent Resident